I Did Not Know Size Mattered

By Derek Kellam

22.09.01 - Well, the last time I checked with the sanctioning bodies, size was not a criterion for being ranked in any of the alphabet organizations. In the recent issue of the Ring, I was proven wrong. 7' 2" beast Nicolay Valouev from Russia is now, according to the WBA, is rated #10 and #26 in the WBC. The IBF seems, for the moment, the only organization not to have those criteria on their list.only time will tell. I am not questioning the talent or ability of this 'Beast from the East' but who has this man beaten? I could have sworn that talent, accomplishments with top ranked opposition and skill were prerequisites for being, cough cough. I am ashamed to have even read that tid bit of information. But then again the WBA has Evander Holyfield ranked #2. With fighters like Holyfield being #2 and John Ruiz as the current champion, I can see how they have Valouev #10. I cannot believe after the recent outcry for boxing to clean up its image, it is still pulling trying to pull the wool over our eyes. It is this kind of wretched stench that has given my favorite sport a horrible name.

Nicolay Valouev 27-0 (23) has a respectable record until you look at the opponents he has faced. The only fighter that I have even heard about is George Linberger 19-6-1 (17) and the only reason I know of him was because I had seen him get humiliated by a first round KO by the hands of boxing side show Eric Esch 63-3-2 (48). Butterbean, for those of you who are not familiar with the name Esch. After some research I had seen another familiar name that handed Linberger his ass on a platter in a second round KO and that was Brian Nielsen 62-1 (43).

Like I mentioned before I am not taking anything away from Valouev, but he has not even been tested against anyone with a formidable record or rank. He could very well be a top contender at some point in his career but not without any sort of challenge. At his size and weight he will possess solid power but being untested he should not be ranked in the top 30 of any division, no matter how big his promoters bank account is. Sure when I first heard of Nicolay I was impressed with his size and I even thought at that time that he would be a sideshow in boxing, nothing more.but in this sport anything is possible. I remember even thinking that a fight with Valouev and Tye Fields would be as far as both of their careers would go. Then again the WBA never ceases to amaze me. Not to mention that Don King has steered clear of both these fighters.

I can't begin to size up this giant from Russia for any top 10 heavyweight in the world. Valouev first of all would have to earn a spot in the top 10 to be even considered a legitimate top 10 contender. Next he would have to knock off one of these contenders, and then you can say he belongs in this elite core group of fighters.

Get real, guys. How in the world can the WBA let this happen? They have been paid off and this time they're not even hiding the fact. This is bogus and pathetic. The WBA organization is a phony and a fraud. This is why boxing needs a governing body that can't be bought off. The other organizations should step up and get rid off this public atrocity. Something this unreal is a slap in the face of every single boxing fan, writer, announcer and fighter and they're laughing hysterically at all of us who care about this sport. Believe it or not there are more deserving fighters out there who deserve this ranking. This is totally a buy off in every sense of the term.

Boxing will never clean its image up until baloney like this is totally cleared up. One would wonder if they could go out and take on a play ground full of toddlers and have a 100 grand in the bank, maybe they too could be rated in the top 10.please no one try this at home. This sort of non-sense has plagued this sweet science since the beginning of time. Hopefully one day, we the boxing public, can rid this sport of this foul stench once and for all. But I wouldn't hold my breath. Somebody please explain this one to me because I am stumped.


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